Sea of Thieves: SotCam Camera Utility, ESP, AimBot, Change FOV, and much more


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Unlock the full potential of Sea of Thieves with the SotCam Camera Utility 2023. Enhance your gameplay with ESP, Aim Bot, Free Camera Mode, and more. Dive deep into the features and learn how to use them to your advantage.​

Features and Benefits of Using SOT Cheat​

  • ESP: Enhance your situational awareness and never miss out on important in-game elements.
  • AimBot: Improve your accuracy in combat, ensuring you hit your targets with precision.
  • Miscellaneous: A variety of additional features to explore and utilize for a comprehensive gaming experience.
  • Camera Utility: Take control of your in-game camera like never before, with customizable settings and preferences.
  • Change FOV: Adjust your field of view to suit your playstyle and monitor size.
  • Compass: Navigate the seas with ease and never lose your way again.
  • Free Camera Mode: Explore the world without limitations, capturing stunning scenes and moments.
  • Third Person: See your character and ship from a new perspective, perfect for customization and content creation.
  • Spectator Mode: Observe the world and other players from a distance, gaining a strategic advantage.
  • Hide Ship: Make your ship invisible, perfect for stealthy maneuvers and surprise attacks.
  • Custom Time Of Day: Change the in-game time to suit your aesthetic preferences or tactical needs.


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