Palia: Ultimate Hack Tool to Force Item Placement - Overlap, Customize & Revolutionize Your Space!


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Explore the art of item placement in Palia! Unleash creativity with no bounds, learn to bypass restrictions, and transform your plot into a wonderland. Dive in now!​

The Power of Force Item Placement Hack​

Now, imagine transcending the boundaries set by the game and having the liberty to place any item, anywhere on your plot, even outside designated building zones. That's precisely what Force Item Placement facilitates. Here's what you can do with it:
  • Unrestricted Furniture Placement: Go beyond conventional placement rules. Want a table nested within a fountain? Done. Fancy a plant floating mid-air? Consider it done.
  • Overlap with Precision: Overlapping items in Palia can be more than just placing one item over another. It's about creating a harmonious space that reflects your imagination, without the usual restrictions.
  • Save and Replicate Item Positions: Tired of the tedious 'floating' glitch when overlapping items? With position saving, replicate exact item coordinates effortlessly, ensuring a seamless design experience.
  • Enhanced Placement Mode: Forget the hassle of pressing F8 or pre-placing items on the ground. Direct functionality from both Placement Mode and Housing Menu streamlines your experience.
  • Manual Coordinate Adjustments: Fine-tune your item's position and rotation to achieve that perfect alignment and aesthetic symmetry, with controls that the standard game settings don't offer.


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