NinjaCS: The Ultimate CS2 Injector (Trusted Mode Bypass, VAC Bypass, Manual Map)


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Discover NinjaCS, the next-gen CS2 Injector. Dive deep into its features like VAC Bypass, Green Trust Factor, and Stealth Injection. Elevate your Counter-Strike: 2 gameplay with GamerFun.Club​

Using NinjaCS - A Step-by-Step Guide​

Ready to elevate your gaming experience? Here's how you can use NinjaCS:
  1. Download and extract the tool. (Archive Password: 123)
  2. Run NinjaCS-v1.xx.exe.
  3. Choose your preferred Injection Mode.
  4. Browse and select your Cheat DLL.
  5. Once selected, Steam will restart, enabling NinjaCS to load the VAC Bypass. Post this, CS2 will initiate, and your chosen cheat will be automatically injected into the game.


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