Minty Hack for Genshin Impact 4.1: Infinite Energy, No Cooldowns, & Enhanced Gameplay Features!


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Explore the ultimate Genshin Impact experience with the Minty Hack for version 4.1. Dive into endless adventure with infinite energy, zero cooldowns, and more!​

Why the Minty Hack is a Game-Changer​

The world of Teyvat is expansive and relentless. Adventurers often find themselves at the mercy of scarce resources, be it stamina during an intense exploration or the cooldown period that hinders the continuous use of their favorite character's abilities. Here's where the Minty Hack comes in, a revolutionary tool that breaks all these barriers, offering a plethora of modifications that elevate your Genshin Impact experience:
  • Infinity Burst Energy: Say goodbye to the painstaking wait for energy recharge. Unleash your character's ultimate abilities as you please with endless burst energy.
  • No Skill Cooldown: Perform continuous elemental reactions and dominate the battlefield without being constrained by skill cooldowns.
  • Infinite Stamina: Scale the highest mountains, swim across vast bodies of water, or glide to the farthest reaches of the world without the worry of running out of stamina.
  • No Fall Damage: Leap from any height without the fear of damage. Exploration takes a new turn when the fear of falling is out of the picture.
  • Instant Bow Charge: Achieve full bow charge instantaneously, making characters like Amber or Ganyu extraordinarily powerful.
  • Model Swapper: Customize your gameplay with this quirky feature, allowing you to swap character models for a bit of fun or confusion in multiplayer sessions.
  • Booba Resizer: A humorous, fan-service feature that allows for the resizing of character proportions.
  • Animation Changer: Alter character animations for attacks, idle stances, or movements, adding a personal touch to your favorite characters.
  • Emotion Changer: Manipulate character expressions on the fly, perfect for capturing screenshots or making engaging fan-content.
  • Avatar Resizer: Play around with your character's size, either shrinking them for the cute factor or enlarging them for the intimidation factor.


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