GTA 5 Heist Editor V3.6.2 [Extrenal] Cheat For Free


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Download Heist Editor V3.6.2 [External] Cheat For Free and Undetected.

Common Questions that are Asked about Heist Cheat:

1. Q: When the casino heist mission is started, it crashes when selecting entrances and exits.

A: You have to unlock all access points and POI before starting the last mission.

2. Q: When I started the casino mission, it got stuck on the splash screen. (Begun the gambling club mission as the host interestingly and killed the NPC)

A: When you do a Casino heist for the first time, don't kill any NPC.

3. Q: Sell vehicle does not work, it does not work some version?

A: No, it works in all versions (At least in the recreation 1.57 version, equipment 1.5.1 work). Sell car requires you to enter the merchandising choice after getting into the LSC, and alter it after the vehicle price seems in the in-game menu. After the modification, it will now not be displayed in the game, however, this does no longer suggest that the alternate has failed. You truly want to proceed to promote the vehicle.

4. Q: Sell vehicle shows invalid transaction.

A: You only have access to selling your own vehicles.

5. Q: When setting up a vehicle for sale, it reminds me that I cannot exceed 8M?

A: This is my recommendation to you for protection reasons. In theory, you can proceed to execute the fee you set after confirming it (this may additionally be a mistake when I wrote the code). But for safety reasons, I nevertheless advocate you to set a fee of less than 8M again.



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