Free CS2 Hack AimStar: Ultimate ESP, Aimbot, RadarHack, and More!


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Dominate CS2 like never before with our Free Hack CS2 AimStar! Offering unparalleled features like ESP, Aimbot, and RadarHack. Elevate your game now!​

Introducing Free Hack CS2 AimStar: A Gamer's Secret Weapon​

Developed by the renowned CowNow, the Free CS2 Cheat AimStar stands unrivaled in the world of CS2 hacks. This powerful tool, undetected and updated as of 16.10.23 to version 2.0, is your ticket to a superior gaming experience. But what makes AimStar the unparalleled choice for gamers? Let's delve into its exceptional features!

ESP Features:​

  • BoxESP: Visualize strategic information with bounding boxes around players, providing you with enhanced situational awareness.
  • BoneESP: Gain the upper hand by seeing the skeletal structures of your opponents, perfect for precision targeting.
  • NameESP: Know your friends and foes - display player names for ultimate awareness.
  • WeaponESP: Stay informed about the armaments players carry, allowing for strategic decision-making.
  • DistanceESP: Gauge the distance between you and other entities, crucial for strategic positioning.
  • CS2 ESP Cheat: A unique feature offering advanced visualization, making every game more enjoyable and visually appealing.
  • HealthBar: Keep track of player health stats in real-time, giving you an edge in combat scenarios.
  • SnapLine: Lines drawn from your position to other players, ideal for tracking movements and planning attacks.
  • EyeRay: Understand player sightlines, anticipate enemy movements, and plan your strategy accordingly.

Free CS2 Aimbot Features:​

  • Draw Fov: Visualize your aimbot's field of view, allowing for precise and efficient targeting.
  • Bone: Target specific body parts for increased damage and efficiency.
  • Smooth: Natural aiming movement to avoid detection and ensure seamless gameplay.
  • CS2 RCS Hack (Recoil Control System): Maintain control during rapid fire, enhancing shot accuracy.

Radar Features:​

  • Styles: Customize your radar display with various styles to suit your preference.
  • Radar Proportion: Adjust radar proportions for an optimized view.
  • Radar Range: Set the detection range to spot enemies, ensuring no one catches you off guard.
  • Radar Background: Personalize your radar with diverse background options.

Miscellaneous Features:​

  • Bunnyhop: Navigate maps with enhanced mobility using automated jump sequences.
  • Triggerbot: Automate firing with pre-set targeting rules for accuracy and efficiency.
  • Custom Discoloration Crosshair: Personalize your crosshair with various colors for improved visibility.
  • Headshot Line: Visual guidance for head-level aiming, increasing your headshot ratio.
  • Team Check: Prevent friendly fire by identifying team members.
  • OBS Streamproof: Stream safely without exposing your hacks, maintaining your game's integrity.
  • Visibility Check: Ensure you're only shooting at targets visible to you, enhancing efficiency.
  • Window Style: Customize your hack interface with various window styles.
  • Config Saver: Save your settings for consistent gameplay across sessions.


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