Farlight 84 Cheat: Mastering Aimbot, ESP, and Misc Hack Features


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Dive deep into the features of the Farlight 84 external cheat. From aimbot to visuals, discover how to enhance your gameplay. Exclusive insights by GamerFun.Club.​

Farlight 84 Cheat Aimbot Menu: Precision at Its Best​

  • Memory Aimbot Checkbox: This feature allows the cheat to remember specific aiming points, ensuring you hit your mark every time.
  • Show Field of View Checkbox: Visualize your aiming range, helping you gauge your shots better.
  • Adjust Field of View Size: Customize the size of your aiming field, tailoring it to your preferences.
  • Adjust FOV Color: Change the color of your FOV for better visibility.
  • Adjust Aim Key 1 & 2: Customize your aiming keys for a more personalized gaming experience.
  • Adjust Smoothing: This feature smoothens your aiming movements, making them appear more natural.
  • Adjust Aim Location: Choose where you want to aim - head, body, etc., giving you more control over your shots.

Farlight 84 Free Hack Visuals Menu:​

  • Enable Hooking Checkbox: This feature allows for better integration of the cheat with the game.
  • Farlight 84 Box ESP, Skeleton ESP, and More: Visualize player data like health, armor, and distance, giving you a strategic advantage.
  • Adjust Max Distance: Set the maximum distance for your ESP features.
  • Adjust Visible Color: Customize the colors of your ESP features for better clarity.
  • Adjust Box Type & Snapline Type: Personalize how you view player data with different box and snapline styles.

Misc Menu: Additional Features for a Superior Gameplay​

  • No Recoil & No Spread: Improve your shooting accuracy by eliminating gun recoil and bullet spread.
  • Fast Reload & Fast Scope: Speed up your gameplay with quicker reloads and aiming.



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