Apex Legends xap-client [Linux Cheat]: Aimbot, ESP, and Triggerbot Features


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Dive deep into the features of the Apex Legends xap-client for Linux. Discover the nuances of Aimbot, ESP, and Triggerbot, and elevate your gaming experience.​

Key Features of xap-client Apex Legends Cheat​

  • Apex Legends TriggerBot: This feature ensures that your weapon fires the moment your crosshair is on an enemy, ensuring quicker reactions and higher accuracy.
  • Sense: Enhance your gameplay by getting a better feel of your surroundings and enemy movements.
  • Apex Legends AimBot: A feature that's more than just assisting your aim. With the xap-client, you get:
    • Aim Assist Checkbox: Toggle the aim assist on or off based on your preference.
    • Allow Target Switch Checkbox: Decide if you want your aim to switch between targets.
    • Predict Bullet Drop Checkbox: Anticipate where your bullets will land, especially useful for long-range shots.
    • Adjust the Hitbox Type: Customize which part of the enemy you want to target.
    • Adjust the Aim Speed: Control how fast your aim moves towards the enemy.
    • Adjust the Aim Smooth: Decide the fluidity of your aim movement.
    • Adjust the AIMBOT FOV: Control the field of view for your aimbot, ensuring you only target enemies within a specific range.



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