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  1. dcng2803

    Another free bypass from ZRTEAM

    oh wow u tried it ? thanks for using my product :love:
  2. dcng2803

    Another free bypass from ZRTEAM

    *Edit: iPad View file is trash try run it at login page if it don't work then delete it lol Welp you can read !HowToUse.txt in the rar file i'm too lazy to tell it here lmao 1. Open your emulator and game manually and open the game ( VNG, Global,....) 2. Run Bypass1v7.ct and select what...
  3. dcng2803

    PUBGM Hack for VNG, Global ( KR and BGMI didn't test )

    It's me again and today i'll give you guys safe hack with free bullet track, no recoil,.... ENJOY ! <3 once you at spawn island run this file as administrator and wait for 2 - 3 seconds Duc#0081 from ZRTEAM
  4. dcng2803


    This is my first post in this forum and i'd like to give u guys free PUBGM Bypass ( no viruses lmao ) - Open your emulator like normal ( Only support gameloop 4.4 and gameloop 7.1) - Open your game manually - At the Tencent Logo you run OpenGame.bat as administrator ! - When you at Login page...


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