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We at Gamerfun are always happy and excited to give you the best hacks, cheats, cracks you can find on the internet. We will always provide you with the best working services that are constantly free to download and will enhance your gaming experience. 

We always provide the safest toolas our professional team tests them multiple times to make sure they don't have any errors or bugs that will interrupt your playing experience and to enjoy your gaming time.

Another thing that will be assured is your safety while playing as we always give you hacks that will not put you at risk of getting banned and we will always make sure to give you free programs.

In any of our tools introductions, we will always give you a full explanation about the game and their features and how to download it what system does it work on, etc...

What is GamerFun?

GamerFun is a game hacking community dealing with a wide variety of PC and console games. GamerFun attracts a wide range of demographics; the community consists of users from many different technical backgrounds, some beginners and some very advanced, all coming to learn or contribute. We are dedicated to establishing a community that is both educational and professional in nature.

Is it legitimate to Use cheats from GamerFun?

Cheating in a game isn't illegal in any way shape or form. No one is to go sue you If you Used a cheat since it isn't illegal. However, various countries may have laws that state if you cheat in a game of online matchmaking you can be said since it's illegal Like in Australia and South Korea.

It's legitimate as it stands since no one is getting hurt, so unless someone gets physically harmed which it isn't happening, no worries. 

As I stated, it isn't illegal and it doesn't follow any protocol rules.

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How safe is it for your pc to download Cheats from GamerFun?

What we do first:

As I said before, your safety and your device's safety are a priority to us. Unlike other sites, we make sure to analyze our files carefully so nothing wrong would happen while you use our hacks, cheats, cracks.

With our programs you know you are taking the safest option and downloading the cleanest applications.

We understand that it might be annoying to wait for the files to be accepted, but it's to guarantee our member's safety.

The analysis procedure starts after the developer uploads a file. It might take some time to finish since it puts all the files in a queue where they wait to be either approved or disapproved. most of the time file analysis starts with the oldest occurring file.


Unpacking files always happen before analyzing them, they should be clear unpacked at first. Sometimes when files are packed and unclear that the system will not identify them, our file-analyzers choose to delete the files and ask the author for a clear version (which will be packed by our analyzers after analysis) in order to avoid wasting a lot of time on Unpacking a single file.

Static analysis

As soon as the files are prepared for analysis, the static analysis process starts. Basically, this process is gathering information about a file without executing it. This includes: Dissecting its structure (e.g. separate sections), checking its entropy, inspecting its strings and resources. A lot of time is put into this process so it can be as precise as possible and so it makes an order to know what's the role of the file (which is why you may see file-analyzers posting notes like "this file drops files into directory XYZ" or "the file modifies a registry-entry").

Dynamic analysis:

Files may go into another process called Dynamic analysis which is gathering information about a file but unlike static analysis, it executes the file. It often includes running the file in a VM monitoring its behavior and identifying points of interest in the file which are then set as a breakpoint on and debugged.


When our file analyzers, start their job of gathering information, they make sure if the file breaks any forum or download rules, it's going to be deleted. If it contains a malicious code, the author will be banned permanently. 

On the other hand, if our file analyzers didn't find any rule-breaking or malicious codes, the file is accepted. And In both cases, they leave a note in a thread that gives info about the members and the author of the current situation of the file.


Do you become weary of observing 100 percent working Gaming Tools/Cheat/Hacks/Software?

We would generally rather avoid overviews, Popups, and sign in before downloads in light of the fact that they irritate guests.

Everybody has the privilege to Download Working Software with practically no problem.

All things considered, we invest tremendous energy testing the functioning programming and transferring them to our committed servers. With the goal that you can download disconnected installers in a solitary direct connection.

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